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September 05, 2005



Are you kidding me? John, why would you get on the Karl Rove spin train? *IF* this ever gets a non-partisan review, FEMA will be found criminally negligent. Why did Bush appoint a guy (Brown) who was a horse lawyer? Should Bush really have been on vacation for another 30 days? How can you back someone like that - are you afraid to question Dear Leader?

John Furrier

Hey I'm not being partisan at all. It has nothing to do with Bush and everything to do with the overall government. This ball has been dropped up and down the food chain... There is no excuse for the break in the levie period. The response was dismal and unfortunetly Bush has to own it and it will be the Republicans demise but my issue is overall infrastructure issue. I'm not afriad to question the leader but I question the entire chain of command. Hell we need to fix this shit now across the board.

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