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March 24, 2005


Hank Roth

Blogging is nothing new. Only the name has changed and it is variation on a theme. Since the advent of the WEB people have been creating web sites. A weblog is merely the result of more availability of software which makes possible the creation of a website by the neophytes who cannot write markup language.

It is a fad and a trend which like building websites always loses its luster. And what could be less boring than reading someone else's journal? About 70% of all blogs are abandoned right after they're created Blogs are generally just more mindless rambling? There is already an information overload. Who needs more static and noise? What is needed is good, quality content and you are not going to find it in most weblogs.

Weblogs may be explosive now because the hype (much todo about nothing) is there, but like most fads of this type it is a diversion from real content and the whole trend is just waiting for the next fad.

And the Internet also is still not for the masses. Many on this planet don't even have a telephone.

Hank Roth
(on the Internet since 1982)

Jodi-Ann Reid

I must say that I agree with Hank. This 'new media revolution' seems to be another soon to be fading trend like neopets or something similar to that.

The fact of the matter is that people have just simply come up with a new name for something that I have been doing for the past six years. It's called a marketing ploy people; yes, the internet is subjected to that too.

I am becoming wary of this 'new media' because it really isn't that new at all. Am I the only one not phased by it at all?



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